Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Early twenties life crisis

The dream has come to life, finally 21!!!  Ow what joy and excitement, wonderful age to reach, you no longer a teenager (glad those days are over) and you are no longer scared of flashing your ID.  It’s all roses until you realise damn! The clock is ticking, I need to make something of my life and I have no idea where to begin.  It dawns on you that you are a lost cause, as if that is not enough you realise that you have responsibilities that go beyond just yourself and you need to make serious money.  Can’t the clock turn back PLEASE?!  And now it hits hard you are suffering an early twenties life crisis.  It doesn’t help that the year has gone by so fast and in just a few months you’ll be 22, that’s when you notice the first wrinkle on your face from worrying.  “Growing up is not ideal but it has to happen” failed attempt at motivating yourself, that is natural too but that’s when faith kicks in and self-confidence has to take the lead in your life

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses

The title is very true.  People who are “smart” sometimes do not realise how smart they are because they see so much that they still need to learn, they see so much that they do not know and as a result focus their energy on that.  They are obsessed with using their abilities to the maximum and pushing their capacities, they forget to appreciate all that they are and all that they can do. They lose focus. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Our best buddy - The toilet

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Yes we all love it, it is where we do most of our thinking, release some tension and of course get adventurous.  Have you ever wondered who invented the marvel that is the flushing toilet?
***drum roll please***
In 1596, a flushing toilet was invented and built for Queen Elizabeth I by her Godson, Sir John

Now you know who to thank for flushing toilets :)

Try a cliche

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Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed because of a gut wrenching feeling from a dream I had.  I thought the day could not get any worse but that was soon proven wrong when I could feel myself feeling sick to my stomach because of the sound of “miss fabulous” hooting her own horn again, I swear when she speaks it feels like an eternity.  From that moment it was clear as day that I will be having a bad day, until a shiver went down my spine as I saw him, I have fallen head over hills in love with him, he takes my breath away.  In his eyes I always see a glimmer of hope at happily ever after.  Just the sight of him is a silver lining to my cloudy day.  I love him more than life itself, but he is still infatuated with Barbie girl, soon he will realise that not all that glitters is gold and I will be there to catch him when he falls.

Sexual communication - why some women cheat

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There are a couple of reasons why some women cheat.

1.    The sex life is non-existent, the man is always tired.

2.    The sex is too wild all the time.  A woman needs to be made love to sometimes, she is not a horse.
3.    There is constant fighting in the relationship because of the man’s insecurities, everybody knows insecurity kills the spark.
4.    The man can only last five minutes. It is a letdown gentlemen and will send your women to the one who can do 45 minutes (yes he exists).
5.    The man does not touch her enough.  A woman feels more confident and sexy when her man touches and grabs here and there.
6.    The man does not compliment her enough on her perfomance.  A woman loves compliments.
7.    The man does not talk dirty.  A woman loves to feel wanted.
8.    Traditional sex.  A woman wants to be adventurous in or out of bed, make sure you are well equipped and yes you can bite.
9.    The man does not listen.  Listen to your woman’s sexual needs.
10. No sexual communication. Tell your woman what to do so that she knows that she is satisfying you, she will be confident and will do whatever you want flawlessly.

Brett Murray is sick!

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A very controversial painting by Brett Murray has the nation up in arms, who knew an exposed penis could create such uproar.  Brett Murray in his creative genius decided to paint our president with his “mshini” exposed!  
“This man has some nerve” I thought to myself in utter shock.  The painting is majorly distasteful and disrespectful and it has caused nothing short of chaos, Gwede Mantashe even went as far as saying the work of “art” is racist to which I strongly disagree.  The painting is by no means racist, black people need to understand what being “racist” means and stop using it as an excuse in disagreements. 
The president must focus on his job, it was not his real mshini on the painting anyway.  As for Brett Murray, he is a sick man!  What sane person envisions someone else’s genitals and actually builds enough interest to paint them?  Who even thinks of the presidents genitals?
Fellow South Africans, no one has the right to paint anyone in that light (excuse the pun), each of us has the right to do as we wish with our image but we have no right to do as we wish with another person’s image. 

Feelings follow behaviour

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Apparently you cannot choose who you love, you just fall in love.  In that case I must be abnormal because I have never loved anyone without choosing to love them, when considering to be in a relationship with someone the first thing that attracts me to them is chemistry.  Can we carry a conversation? Does he make me laugh? Can he take a joke? Is he kind? Does he understand what it means to be a boyfriend?
I analyse his behaviour with other people but mostly with his mother and siblings, the way he talks about them and the way he treats them gives my feelings a direction.  These things tell me if he is worthy of being loved me and whether I should fall for him, my feelings depend on his behaviour. I don’t just develop feelings for some guy, so excuse me if I don’t believe you when you say “it was love at first sight”.